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Pallet Elevators for vertical pallet lifting

The Holmek Pallet Elevators are durable pallet lifts that automate your vertikal pallet transport.

Automating the handling of pallets eliminates the need for manual labor in tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming. By implementing pallet elevators, the storage capacity can be optimized while reducing the need for manual labor.

Pallet elevators efficiently move pallets vertically, enabling more effective utilization of vertical space.

Increase storage capacity with a pallet lift

Pallet transport sometimes requires circuits that connect different heights or levels. For that purpose, pallet lifts or pallet elevators are designed to automate the transport of full or empty pallets between levels. Depending on the model it can carry one or two pallet units and generally includes a conveyor on its bay to connect with the rest of the layout, using roller conveyors and other forms of internal transportation.

An automated palletizing system can help optimize storage capacity by efficiently transporting pallets to other levels in your storage facility. The Holmek Pallet Elevators can be built to cover up to 7 levels.

Better space utilization allows businesses to store more products and reduce the need for additional storage areas. Many production facilities also add an extra storage area with a mezzanine floor. Vertical pallet lifts are the perfect solution for automating the pallet flow to mezzanine storage.

Turnkey pallet handling system

The pallet elevators can be designed as a single elevator, either in a shaft or stand-alone. All solutions can be built for easy manual feeding by forklift or pallet jack or designed as part of a complete system using roller conveyors, platforms, and automatic infeed of pallets for a completely automated solution.

With a keen focus on customization, we craft each solution in close collaboration with you to ensure the perfect fit with your production facilities.  

Vertical Pallet Lifts for Enhanced Storage

Customized pallet elevators from a trusted partner

Holmek Automation is a trusted industry veteran, celebrated for its expertise in palletizing solutions. In addition to our palletizing expertise, elevators have always been part of our portfolio and we have designed, built, and delivered numerous vertical lift solutions for satisfied customers in many different industries.

Always striving to do better and optimize efficiency, the pallet elevators are an integrated part of many turnkey-solutions we create for our customers.

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Helge Eiken

CEO - Holmek Automation

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