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Gentle and Accurate Palletizing for Round Boxes

Our state-of-the-art palletizing solutions are designed to handle even round boxes with the utmost care, ensuring that your products are stacked and transported safely and with minimal damage.

As part of a turnkey solution, our conveyors gently secure your boxes while stacking the pallet, providing the perfect balance between efficiency and precision. With our innovative solutions at hand, you can trust that your round boxes are in safe and secure hands throughout the palletizing process. 

Our solution include compact palletizing machine. Automatic stretch wrapping can be integrated in the palletizing machine, or included as a separate unit in your automated palletizing flow. Our turnkey solutions allow for reliable palletizing round boxes at an impressive height.

Achieve Exceptional Accuracy with Turnkey Palletizing Solution


Our advanced automated conveyor systems play a crucial role in our palletizing solutions by enhancing the accuracy of your round box palletizing process.

With features like adjustable speed control and sensors designed to identify box sizes and positions, our solution ensures that your round boxes are carefully guided, stacked, and positioned with remarkable precision.

This level of accuracy results in improved product assembly, optimized transportation, and streamlined production organization.

A reliable palletizing partner

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