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Reliable and Customized Palletizing of Buckets

Palletizing conical buckets presents unique challenges due to their shape – but we've engineered the perfect solution.

Our advanced palletizers are designed with the capability to adapt to the varying sizes and shapes of buckets, thereby maximizing pallet capacity. Leveraging precise control systems, our palletizers can arrange and stack buckets in a way that optimizes available space, enhancing load stability and overall productivity while reducing freight costs. 

Our innovative palletizing solutions are not just designed for efficient operations, but for safety too. Manual handling of conical buckets can lead to workplace injuries; our automated palletizers minimize this risk and ensure a safer operating environment with an automated flow of your bucket palletizing flow.  

Palletizing Perfected – Customized Solutions Crafted for You

As a trusted partner in automation, Holmek Automation recognizes that every business has unique needs. With that in mind, we offer customized palletizing solutions for your conical buckets.

As a close partner to our customer, we offer our expert knowledge when designing a palletizing solution. Whether it's for differing bucket sizes, varied shapes, or specific stacking patterns, our reliable palletizing solutions are designed to meet your individual needs. 

A reliable palletizing partner

Explore what Holmek Automation's palletizing machines can do for your business today. Contact us now to learn more.

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CEO - Holmek Automation

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