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Automated Sorting of your Products Onboard

Designing and building a high-capacity onboard factory focused on automation and continuous product flow is a must in today's seafood landscape. Onboard most factory trawlers, the catch is processed in several grades, and the factory handles different species.  

To efficiently sort your processed catch, the onboard hotels are a great addition to your production line. As part of the complete factory solution, the hotels save time both onboard and at port.

With a keen focus on customization, we design, build and install your handling solutions to ensure the perfect fit with the onboard factory.

Clean pallets – reduce handling on shore

Sort your products in an automated flow in your onboard processing factory. 

After packaging the different grades are automatically sent to their designated hotel. Once a hotel is full, the products are sent to the palletizing machine. This means that your finished product is stored in clean pallets, ready for retail once the ship reaches port. 

No additional sorting on land is needed. This reduces manual labour and mens quick transport. 


Hotels and palletizing – automate your onboard factory

To further optimize your onboard handling solution, take a look at the market leading compact palletizer with integrated stretch wrapper.

The automated system efficiently stacks and organizes your catch, ensuring precise and safe palletization without unnecessary physical strain.   

Hotels and additional equipment for Onboard Sorting and Handling

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Looking for additional Onboard Automation?

Check out our solutions for onboard palletizing as well as sorting of your products in hotels.