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Palletizing and Stretch Film - All Wrapped Up In One

The smart palletizing machine has an integrated stretch wrapper. This is a perfect choice for palletizing aboard factory trawlers since the stretch film is adding during palletizing. This means that your catch is palletized, wrapped and ready for storage in one process. 

Safe storage during bad weather
In addition to the optimized processes, the layered wrapping also ensures safe storage of your catch. Compared to only wrapping the complete pallet, the layered wrapping stabilizes the heavy and valuable pallets, and makes them strong enough to withstand bad weather and heavy seas.
The stabile pallets are easily transported to the cargo hold and will be ready for shipment, when reaching port. 

Optimize space in factory deck
The combined palletizing and wrapping machine is also a compact choice for your factory deck as the design saves space aboard. It takes very little floor space and is easy to place. 

When needed, you can easily adjust the number of layers, you want on the pallet and the number of rounds of stretch film. You can also adjust which layer you want to add stretch film to. 

Combine with hotels for automated handling
To optimize processes further and minimize manual handling of your cargo, it is beneficial to add hotels to your production line. 
This ensures automatic sorting of your catch before palletizing. The clean pallets are then sent to cargo and it eliminates the need for further sorting when reaching port.

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