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Compact Palletizing Machine with Integrated Stretch Film

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing and logistics, efficiency and productivity are paramount. The need for innovative solutions to optimize palletizing processes has led to the development of a game-changing technology: The Compact Palletizing Machine with Integrated stretch wrapper.

This solution offers a host of benefits, including its compact design, customizable features, and unmatched reliability. This machine is widely used in both onboard factory trawlers and in land-based factories.

We have put together the best of two world: Our compact palletizers combined with an Octopus stretch wrapping machine. The result is a robust machine of high quality that saves an enormous amount of space!

From the HMI you choose the product, the number of layers, and how many rounds of stretch film you want on each layer.  You can also choose which layer you want to add stretch film to. This makes sorting and changing the different products an easy job!

Palletizing onboard factory trawlers

Palletizing on fishing vessels comes with unique challenges due to limited space and harsh offshore environments. The Compact Palletizing Machine's compact design proves to be a game-changer in this context. Its small footprint allows seamless integration onto factory trawlers, optimizing precious workspace without compromising efficiency. For additional optimization, combine the palletizer with onboard hotels for sorting.

The onboard integrated stretch wrapper adds an extra layer of convenience by securely wrapping the palletized loads, protecting them during transportation, and ensuring stability in challenging sea conditions.

Moreover, reliability is of utmost importance when dealing with time-sensitive operations onboard. The Compact Palletizing Machine excels in this aspect, providing consistent and error-free palletizing, even in the harshest marine environments. Its robust construction and advanced technology guarantee minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

As the market leader in onboard palletizing, we have delivered numerous onboard solutions, including surrounding equipment and elevators for transport to cold storage and unloading.

Palletizing in land-based factories

In land-based factories, efficient palletizing is crucial for streamlined operations. The Compact Palletizing Machine offers the perfect solution, revolutionizing palletizing processes with its compact and customizable design.

The compact nature of this machine is a significant advantage in land-based settings, where floor space is often limited. Its ability to fit seamlessly into existing production lines maximizes efficiency while minimizing disruption. The customizable features allow for effortless integration, catering to specific load requirements and ensuring precise and efficient palletizing.

Reliability is paramount in land-based factories, where uninterrupted production is essential. The Compact Palletizing Machine's advanced technology and dependable performance make it an unbeatable choice. Its intelligent control system minimizes errors and provides consistent, high-quality palletizing, reducing the risk of production delays and optimizing throughput.

Safe storage

Efficient palletizing

The Compact Palletizing Machine with Integrated Stretchwrapper is a game-changing solution that brings efficient and reliable palletizing to both onboard factory trawlers and land-based factories. Its compact design, customizable features, and unwavering reliability make it a standout option in the industry.

 Whether in the challenging conditions of offshore operations or the fast-paced environment of land-based factories, this innovative machine is setting new standards in palletizing. Embrace the future of palletizing with this cutting-edge technology and experience unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and peace of mind.

A reliable palletizing partner

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