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Big Bag Conveyor

We design, build and install complete lines of Big Bag Conveyor belts designed to transport bags of up to 1000 kg. from the filling machine to the pickup station.

With a customized bulk bag conveyor system, your internal transport of the heavy bags is designed to suit your production needs and ensure an automated and efficient flow in your production.

The heavy-duty bulk bag conveyor is fitted with a durable PVC-belt, that can carry the heavy loads and transport large amounts of goods efficiently in your production.  

Modular Bulk Bag Conveyor Systems

Are you looking to automate more of your internal transport of big bags? A belt conveyor is a reliable and flexible solution for transporting bulk goods.

This heavy-duty belt conveyor handles the heavy loads and reduces your manual handling. The conveyor transports the bag to the pickup station – ready for loading onto trucks.

Add even more value to your handling setup with a complete handling system, complete with turning tables, transfer tables. Automation is the key to optimizing production flow and we are here to make it easier for you.

Benefits of using a Big Bag Belt Conveyor

The belt conveyor is a popular choice for industries producing large quantaties of materials, stored in big bags. We have supplied numerous solutions for feed mills, production feed for fish and animals. 

A big bag belt conveyor is suitable to automated processes:


Seamless Transport

Transport large big bags up to 1000 kg. through your factory seamlessly and in a continuous flow. 



Automated transport is a cost-effective way to move big bags from filling to pickup with no manual handling.


Complete Solution

Combine the conveoyr belt with turning tables, transfer tables etc. to design a complete system. 


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Automated solutions for palletizing and pallet handling

Automation ensures a higher level of precision and accuracy. This is particularly important in industries where packaging and storage requirements are stringent.

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