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Crate Destacker

Automatic destacking of crates from pallets. Each crate is delivered to conveyor belts and proceeds to your production lines in an automated flow. The machine is adapted according to your specifications and capacity requirements.

We develop and manufacture customized stacking and destacking machines for clients in all industries.

Automated Depalletizing of Boxes and Crate

Avoid heavy lifting with a fully automated destacking solution and reduce your requirements for production employees. The Crate Destacker handles 60 crate/minute. If this process was done manually, it would require 4-6 production workers to maintain this capacity.

Holmek Automation is renowned for our extensive palletizing expertise. The crate destacker is built on the same frame as our palletizing machine. This is your assurance of a reliable and durable solution which will continue to optimize your production flow for years to come.

Turnkey Depalletizing, Turnkey Handling and Palletizing

The Crate Destacker is only a small part of the Holmek Automation portfolio. In close collaboration with you, we design the complete handling solution for your processing facility. By automating as many processes as possible, your factory runs smoothly and efficiently.

We supply in- and outfeed lanes as well as additional internal transportation for a modern factory. Once your product is processed an packed in the crate, the finished pallets can be automatically palletized in our compact palletizing machine, which is available both with and without stretchwrapping.

Destacking Solutions for Processing Facilities

Each destacking solution is customized to fit your production needs. We supply various destacking solutions. Below you can find som examples.

Depalletizing - Destacker for Crates and Boxes

Destacking from Pallets

Four crates are automatically destacked. The crates are placed in pairs on two conveyor belts on each side.

Automatic Crate Destacking

Destacking from Bottom

The crates are destacked from the bottom of the stack. Can be designed as single or double crate destacker

Crate Destacker - Automation

Destacking from Top

The crates are destacked from the top of the stack and automatically placed on conveyor belts.

Carsoe Norway Helge Eiken CEO

Helge Eiken

CEO - Holmek Automation

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