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Low loader Palletizing Machine

If the space in your production facilities is confined, or you have limited space for palletizing, a low loader palletizing machine may be the perfect solution for you. As the palletizing is done from the ground level, you eliminate the need for conveyors to transport the products to the top of the palletizing. This saves space in your layout.

The low-level push-type palletizer has a flexible inlet height and is of course customized to suit your production needs. They are best suited for medium capacity requirements and bags or boxes with a well-defined shape.

With a low loader palletizer, you have a good overview of the palletizing process as it is accessible from the ground floor.

Low level infeed palletizer

The products are arranged in a customized palletizing pattern. The pusher conveys them to a platform until a complete layer is ready. The platform is then raised to the top of the pallet and the platform is automatically removed, placing the layer of products carefully on the top of the pallet.

The platform then descends and continues with a new layer.

Once a pallet is complete, it is automatically transferred via roller conveyors. As a complete provider, Holmek Automation can design and install a coherent and automated turnkey system, including internal transport, pallet magazines etc. One supplier – one complete solution.

A reliable palletizing partner

Holmek Automation is where knowledge meets innovation. We are your trusted partner in automation, shaping the future of palletizing one customized solution at a time.

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