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Stretch Film Machine

Wrap products on pallets securely, while minimizing product loss, load tampering, and worker injury. The Octopus ring stretch wrapper is a versatile solution for various businesses, known for its durability and user-friendly design. With its rotating ring, the Octopus can apply up to 1,000 pounds of tension to the stretch film, guaranteeing protection for your pallets.

If you're seeking to optimize your pallet wrapping process, the Octopus ring stretch wrapper is the ideal choice. It allows you to wrap pallets quickly and evenly, ensuring that your loads are securely wrapped and protected against potential damage.

Improve efficiency and increase load security with the Octopus ring stretch wrapper today. Safeguard your products, streamline your operations, and achieve peace of mind with this reliable and efficient packaging solution.

The Benefits of a Stand-alone Stretch wrapper

At Holmek Automation, we understand the importance of flexibility and efficiency in your packaging processes. That's why our stand-alone stretch wrappers offer a range of benefits that can enhance your operations. With a stand-alone stretch wrapper, you have the freedom to position the machine wherever it suits your facility best. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into various locations within your workspace, optimizing your packaging workflow.


One of the key advantages of a stand-alone stretch wrapper is its ability to deliver speed and consistency. With a dedicated machine solely focused on wrapping, you can achieve fast and reliable wrapping results, boosting overall productivity and throughput in your packaging area.

Additionally, the stand-alone stretch wrapper offers the option of a 100% waterproof wrapping by adding an extra plastic layer at the top of the pallet before wrapping.

The Benefits of Integrated Stretch wrapper into the Palletizing Machine

At Holmek Automation, we strive to provide innovative solutions that optimize your palletizing process. Integrating a stretch wrapper into your palletizing machine offers a host of benefits that can revolutionize the efficiency of your operations. By combining both functions into a single system, you can save valuable floor space in your facility, maximizing your operational layout and creating a more streamlined packaging area.


The integration of a stretch wrapper into your palletizing machine also leads to enhanced efficiency and increased automation. As the palletizing machine completes its task, the integrated stretch wrapper seamlessly initiates the wrapping process, eliminating the need for manual intervention and minimizing downtime. This integration minimizes bottlenecks in your operations, ensuring a smooth and continuous packaging workflow.


Another compelling advantage of an integrated stretch wrapper is the improved load stability it offers. With direct interaction between the stretch wrapper and the palletized products, you can ensure precise and secure wrapping, reducing the risk of product damage or shifting during transport. This added level of protection safeguards your products and enhances customer satisfaction.


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