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Utilize Storage Height with Vertical Pallet Elevators

Automatically transports pallets up and down to the desired level of your processing facility. The elevator can be built for up to 7 levels.

The compact design means a very small footprint in your factory. The elevator is easily integrated in your existing production or designed as part of a new production layout.


Vertical Pallet Lift for Mezzanine Storage

This type of elevator is perfect for automatic pallet transport to for instance a mezzanine storage level. To automate your processes further, we design a customized pallet flow complete with palletizers, roller conveyors and additional pallet handling equipment.



Customized Pallet Elevator for pallets up to 5 tons

Heavy loads are no problem. This pallet elevator is design to dual pallets and can carry loads of up to 5 tons. And travel up to 7 levels in your storage facility. This is maximum capacity and range for your pallet handling.

Each elevator from Holmek Automation is customized to meet the requirements of our customers. We are always looking to optimized efficiency, and design solutions to improve and automate processes. 


3 reasons to include Elevators in your Pallet Handling

Automate your pallet handling between levels by integrating pallet elevators in your production facilities. Learn more about the advantages of vertical pallet elevators.


Storage Capacity

Increase your storage capacity with a vertical pallet elevator to store pallets in up to 7 levels in an automated flow.



Automatic pallet handling is a cost-effective way to move multiple pallets to other levels with a minimum of manual handling.


Complete Solution

Seemlessly combine vertikal pallet elevators with palletizers and internal transport to automate all your handling needs.


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Automated solutions for palletizing and pallet handling

Automation ensures a higher level of precision and accuracy. This is particularly important in industries where packaging and storage requirements are stringent.

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