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Automatic Handling and Palletizing Onboard the Norwegian Trawler Frøyanes

The factory deck onboard the Norwegian crab vessel Frøyanes is packed with modern processing equipment. At the end of the processing line, the palletizer and elevator from Holmek Automation ensure that the valuable catch is safely and efficiently packed and stored.

Automated Palletizer with Integrated Stretch Wrapping

The palletizer onboard is not just about stacking boxes quickly. It is designed to optimize space, improve load stability, and protect the cargo during the harsh conditions at sea.

The integration of stretch wrapping in the palletizing process ensures that the palletized goods are securely wrapped and ready for storage or immediate offloading upon reaching the port, significantly reducing manual labor.

Cargo Elevator Streamlines Operations

Central to the efficiency of the entire pallet handling process onboard the Frøyanes is the elevators. This facilitates the seamless transfer of palletized goods from the processing deck to the cargo holds.

The cargo elevator is designed to handle heavy loads, enabling the swift movement of high volumes of processed and packaged products.


Automated Unloading with Onboard Elevators

The onboard elevators are also used for the automatic unloading through the side of the vessel. This allows palletized goods to be directly transferred from the cargo hold to the dockside without the need for traditional crane operations.

This significantly reduces the manpower required for offloading and completes the automated pallet handling onboard.

Maximizing Freezing Deck Efficiency with Roller Conveyors

The two freezing decks on the Frøyanes are equipped with roller conveyors, facilitating the efficient movement of finished pallets. These pallet rollers are an integral part of the automated pallet handling systems, ensuring smooth logistics within the vessel.

By improving the flow of cargo between the processing, palletizing, and freezing areas, the roller conveyors minimize manual handling, thereby enhancing safety and productivity onboard.

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