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Onboard handling

Optimized offloading with onboard elevators

Offloading products from trucks or ships has traditionally required a significant amount of manpower, leading to higher costs and slower processes. . Adding elevators to your processing plant, can reduce the offloading manpower requirements to as few as two people.

By implementing an automatic elevator solution, the products can be efficiently transported from the cargo room. The use of elevators allows for a smooth transition and reduces the need for manpower and cranes. With trucks able to access the cargo directly from the quayside, the offloading process becomes more efficient and quicker.

Minimizing Manpower: Reducing Costs and Enhancing Speed

Traditionally, offloading requires a large workforce, often estimated at around 10-12 people. However, with the integration of elevators into processing plants or ships, the manpower required for offloading can be significantly reduced.

By automating the transportation of products, as few as two people can handle the offloading process efficiently. This reduction in manpower requirements leads to substantial cost savings and a more streamlined workflow. The time and energy saved by eliminating excessive manpower can be utilized for other tasks in port, increasing overall productivity.

A reliable automation partner

Holmek Automation is where knowledge meets innovation. We are your trusted partner in automation, shaping the future of palletizing one customized solution at a time.

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Palletizing and handling solutions for your factory

At Holmek, we design, build and install a variety of different solutions, with our palletizer with integrated stretch wrapper as our flagship in onboard handling. Learn more about onboard palletizing, integrating sorting your catch in hotels as well as our onboard elevator solutions below.