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A valuable addition to your factory vessel

Onboard Cargo Elevators

A cargo elevator is a valuable addition to your onboard processing. They ensure quick and effective transportation of your cargo between decks for easy handling and storage.

Integrating elevators into your factory layout presents clear advantages for your production processes:

  • Reduced need of manpower for handling
  • Save space onboard 
  • Automated and faster processing of your cargo.

Automate processes

Efficient transportation of products

Our elevators enable quick and effective transportation of products between decks, as well as automatic loading of pallets from factory to cargo.

Add elevators to your production line to further automate processes and save time and money on both manpower and handling. Integrating elevators to your palletizing line also helps optimize space in your overall production.

Carsoe Norway Helge Eiken CEO

Helge Eiken

CEO - Holmek Automation

+47 91 19 70 59

Palletizing and handling solutions for your factory

At Holmek, we design, build and install a variety of different solutions, with our palletizer with integrated stretch wrapper as our flagship in onboard handling. Learn more about onboard palletizing, integrating sorting your catch in hotels as well as our onboard elevator solutions below.