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Pallet Elevator in Shaft

Pallet elevator for shaft with automatic doors for in- and outfeed. They are designed in shafts to avoid that the cold air from the storage level travel to the production area.

Maintaining a steady temperature and avoiding drafts means better working conditions for the production workers.

This solutions is usually combined with roller conveyors and other internal transportation solutions to automate processes.

The solution is usually designed as a smaller elevator, used for single pallets. We also supply elevators for pallet racks as well as stand-alone elevators for pallets. Your pallet handling is safe with us. 

3 reasons to choose a Pallet Elevator in shaft

Integration pallet elevators in your production facilities is always a great solution for automating manual processes and optimize your pallet handling between levels. Learn more about the advantages for a pallet elevator in shaft.


Working Invironment

The shaft ensures that cold air does not travel betweens floors, maintaining temperature in production area and eliminates drafts for production workers.



Automating your pallet handling is most cost-effective way to move multiple pallets to lower or uppper level with a minimum of manual handling.


Automated handling

Integrate your elevators with roller conveyors to automated your pallet handling and transport. This allows you to use your employees for more value-adding tasks.

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Automated solutions for palletizing and pallet handling

Automation ensures a higher level of precision and accuracy. This is particularly important in industries where packaging and storage requirements are stringent.

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