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Pallet Elevator for installation in Pallet Racks

The Holmek Pallet Elevator can be placed as an integrated part of the pallet racks in your storage for recieving and returning pallets. 


  1. The pallet turner is placed next to the elevator for easy loading og unloading of pallets.
  2. Pallets are automatically turned to face the correct direction once they leave the elevator. 
  3. Pallets are transported to the designated level in your storage system. 


Holmek Automation designs the complete solution for your Pallet Rack Elevator. This includes the required security requirements, infeed, roller conveyors etc.. When we are done, your pallet elevators is ready for operation.

We also supply pallet elevators in shafts as well as stand-alone elevators for pallets. Your pallet handling is safe with us. 

3 reasons to include Elevators in your Pallet Racks

By integration the pallet elevators in your pallet racks, you get a compact and reliable elevator solution with high capacity. Learn more about the advantages.


Compact Design

With an extremely small footprint, the Pallet Rack Elevator fits into any  storage layout. Its compact design aligns with standard Pallet Racks.



Automating your pallet handling is most cost-effective way to move multiple pallets to the upper level with a minimum of manual handling.


Reliable Solution

The Pallet Rack Elevator is a reliable and well-tested handling solution, designed with a minimum of maintenace to ensure seamless storage.

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CEO - Holmek Automation

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Automated solutions for palletizing and pallet handling

Automation ensures a higher level of precision and accuracy. This is particularly important in industries where packaging and storage requirements are stringent.

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