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Palletizing for big and small bags

High-capacity palletizing of smaller bags, 1-2 kg., typically with flour or sugar, is a special skill at Holmek Automation. A skill that has taken us many years to master.

Palletizing of larger bags is also one of our areas of expertise and we have supplied solutions for this in a wide variety of índustries.

With a speed of up to 120 bags pr. minute this is a palletizing solution that really accelerates your production capacity. The individual handling of each bag and the high speed is a skill that is mastered by few, making Holmek Automation a preferred partner for mills and sugar producers in Scandinavia

Patterned palletizing of 1kg bags

The small bags are transported to the palletizing machine in a continuous flow by conveyor belts or spiral conveyors and placed into the compact palletizing machine in a predefined palletizing pattern, optimizing the use of space on each layer of the pallet.


Palletizing with or without stretch wrapping

This palletizing solution can be designed both with and without an integrated stretch wrapper. It is completely up to you as each solution is always customized to suit your production. In most cases, the palletizing is done separately to maintain the high speed. Once palletized, the finished pallet is automatically sent to the Stretch Wrapper to ensure safe storage of your finished product.

A reliable palletizing partner

Holmek Automation is where knowledge meets innovation. We are your trusted partner in automation, shaping the future of palletizing one customized solution at a time.

Carsoe Norway Helge Eiken CEO

Helge Eiken

CEO - Holmek Automation

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